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Monday, August 22, 2011

Two Lip Products I'm In Love With - For $3 Each!


Elf Lip Lock Pencil

Honestly this is unlike anything I’ve ever tried before.  If you’ve got a love for lipcolor, as I do, but sometimes your lips are too dry, cracked or peeling to rock your favorite lipstick, this is the miracle you’ve been waiting for.  Basically this is a conditioning stick - like a lip balm in a pencil.  But it’s unlike any lip balm, and does multiple things that ordinary chapstick can’t.  
The product claims to “Keep your lipstick, gloss and liner from feathering, travelling or budging” as well as make your lipcolor last longer and go on smoother.  Apply it all over lips before applying lipstick, etc. and you instantly feel your lips get softer and more moisturized.  I wore my favorite Revlon Colorburst lipsticks over top of this all day, and my lips felt creamy and hydrated no matter what I was doing with just one application of this Lip Lock stick.  It actually kept my gloss from drying out as fast as well. It’s only downfall is that it makes my lipstick easily transferable, so one kiss on the cheek takes away a lot of lip color. I was really surprised by this product, but I’m definitely going to make it a staple in my lip product drawer!

Elf Lip Primer & Plumper Stick

This was another surprise for me, mainly because, after looking up others’ reviews on MakeupAlley, I saw that most people hated this.  I believe that this is a severely misunderstood product, and if you know what to expect and how to use it, you’re getting a lot of bang for your buck!
Firstly, let me say that you shouldn’t use the primer and the plumper together - it looks ridiculous and nixes each product’s purpose.  The plumper is unique, because it’s not a gloss.  If you know anything about plumpers, you’ll understand that they don’t actually plump your lips.  They are either an extremely shiny gloss, which creates the illusion of fuller lips, or it contains ingredients that almost give your lips an allergic reaction, where they temporarily swell a bit.  (It is safe, however, because it’s only a topical reaction - but if you ever have a REAL reaction to a lip plumper you should wash it off immediately).  Lip plumpers tingle, and depending on your pain threshold, can sting for a few minutes.  This one in particular is a sheer gloss stick, that tingles quite a bit and smells of cinnamon.  Personally, I LOVE cinnamon, so this is a huge plus for me.  It’s not glossy or sticky and looks really natural.  The plumping effect is subtle, but it makes your natural lip color a bit more pigmented and flushed, which I really like.  
The primer is a stick, for your lips.  Yes, it is light in color, as all primers are.  If you apply it like a lipstick, it’s as though you just caked concealer on your lips, and it will lighten the color of your lipstick considerably and give you a strange texture.  HOWEVER I use a brush to apply this on my lips - just a thin layer goes a long way, and this honestly is a very effective lip primer.  It’s perfect to wear on a night out when you won’t have time to touch up your makeup.  And you’re not going to find a cheaper lip primer out there!  Just make sure not to apply too much, or to apply a chapstick with this primer - otherwise it can be a little drying. Overall these two products were a definite home run for me… a perfect example that method of application really determines the effectiveness of a product.  

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