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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Fabulous, Inexpensive Alternatives to a Traditional Manicure

Fake Nails for the World! <3
Every girl feels better with a manicure.  Getting your nails done raises your fabulosity level to new heights.  Personally, I wear press-on nails to get instant glamour without paying $20-$40.
You’ll almost never see me without my Kiss Everlasting French Nails.  These are the best - they look incredibly natural, last a whole week, and are so wearable.  I’ve gotten more compliments on these nails than I ever got with a real manicure!  (You can check out a full review on my Review page,
Now you can get them in original rounded or new Square-edged shape, with clear pink UV salon-quality glue! They look so professional, it’s insane.
(^ That’s not my hand, I got it off Google Images)

You can also get fancy Kiss nails, with designs or colored tips.

Another review I found from

Another great option is to get a full, 100 count set of nails that you can apply polish to, for an AMAZING low price of about $5 from Kiss.

There are other great brands of drugstore press-on fake nails, that are very pretty and come in unique designs, such as Broadway Nails or Real Life.

If you love patterned, airbrush designs, you can easily add nail stickers over your fake nails!  My favorites are Sally Hansen Salon Effects.

Applying to your natural nails works well too!

I also re-use nails if they fall off too soon or accidentally - just swipe them clean with some acetone-based nail polish remover and re-glue!

So be gone, expensive manicure!  and Hello, cheap DIY beauty.  Who could say no to that?

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