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Friday, August 19, 2011

Double Duty Cleanser + Mask for Acne and Clogged Pores.... From the Drugstore!

what’s on my face right now:
Neutrogena Clear Pore Cleanser & Mask
Actually, right now I have the generic dupe from CVS on my face, but it’s honestly the same thing.   It's called CVS Dual Action Daily Cleanser & Mask.  The ingredients are the same, the effects are the same, and the results are the same - the only difference is the price!  $3.49 on sale ($6.49 orig.)  vs.  $8.49 for the Neutrogena!

This is one of my favorite acne fighting products, because it’s potent and really clears up any spots you have!  It contains 3.5% benzoyl peroxide, which kills acne-causing bacteria.  The clay is cooling on your face and really deep cleans, whilesoaking up excess oil and minimizing the appearance of pores.
This isn’t a new product by any means - it’s actually an old favorite that I’ve been using for years.  You could say it’s a staple in my medicine cabinet!  In high school I would spot treat zits that I had overnight, and by the next morning they would have dried up and the redness would have reduced.
Used as a cleanser this actually makes your skin feel cool and tingly, and you can really feel it working to get rid of dirt and bacteria.  I don’t use it every day because I don’t want my skin to get used to it, and it can definitely irritate sensitive skin, so be wary.  I use it as a mask at least once a week!  My only complaints are that it can bleach cloth if you get it directly on anything… benzoyl peroxide at it’s finest.  But I really suggest this for those with acne-prone skin, looking for a product that goes above and beyond most.  Love!

Final Say:   Great for normal skin to skin with moderate acne - avoid if you have sensitive skin!  The high amount of benzoyl peroxide means a high amount of zit-zapping power.  DSP gives it an 8.5/10.0

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