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Saturday, July 28, 2012

theBalm Nude'Tude Eyeshadow Palette - Swatches & Review

(Requested by several; please excuse my poor photography skills, as this was done hastily)

This palette is originally $36, and is well worth the money.  Currently you can find it on Hautelook for 50% off, at $18

You can always find this palette on the company's website, (witty!)

The Balm is a relatively new cosmetic company, and is 100% cruelty-free, and made in the USA.

All of these pictures are swatched over a primer, and done so with a clean, dry, flat eyeshadow brush.

Overall, I really love the texture of these eyeshadows.  They are very VERY blendable and soft, similar to Urban Decay's shadows.  Although they do blend a little sheer, when you pack the color on they are truly lovely.  Since they are so soft, however, so I do recommend using a primer on your lids first.

This palette offers a variety of matte, almost-matte, and shimmery shades, but none are overly glittery or unwearable.  The only color I wish was included was a really light brown, because that would make this the ultimate palette.  

Color Descriptions:
Sassy - An almost-matte, satin white.  This is very opaque, and makes for a great highlight.  It is not shimmery but catches the light in a gorgeous way.
Snobby - A slightly shimmery yellow-gold.  It's very warm and pretty, and although it seems intimidating in the pan, can go over any eyeshadow and add a pretty metallic finish.  It is lovely on it's own.
Stubborn - Another shadow with light shimmer, this is a light pink with really subtle blue undertones.  This is also very opaque.
Stand-offish - This looks very similar in color to Stubborn in the pan, but on the skin it is a gloriously shimmery pink with gold undertones.  It's just plain glamorous, but when blended too much it loses it's color and is just shimmer (on my skintone anyway)
Selfish - A shimmery taupe, with a gorgeous finish.  Packed on it looks incredible, and when blended looks much more light.
Sultry - This is a matte, milk chocolate color with a bit of red in it.  It really looks like a Hershey bar.  It blends out beautifully, and when blended is just as opaque as when it is packed on.
Sophisticated - This is a much deeper brown, with almost a purple undertone.  It's dark and delicious. Slightly shimmery.
Seductive - A medium-shade, shimmery brown with golden undertones.  This is flawless.
Sexy - It's sexy.  It's a deep matte plum, and is extremely pigmented and smooth.
Silly - A slightly darker plum with golden shimmer, but transfers to the skin as a more brownish shade of plum.
Serious - A pure, jet black that looks completely matte in the pan, but has just the slightest sparkle to it.  It doesn't look cheap, and is a very rich color.
Sleek - A warm-toned charcoal, also matte.  Very dense color.

Overall I really would rate this quite high.  The packaging is adorable as well, and the palette itself is thin, and uses magnets to keep closed.

I really recommend trying it out!  I would say that this palette is better for more dramatic, dark, or going-out looks, simply because most of the shades are on the dark side, and there isn't a good transitioning color.

If you've tried this palette, let me know what you think!