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Saturday, July 28, 2012

Review: Revlon Colorstay Whipped Foundation

Revlon Colorstay 24 Hour Whipped Crème Foundation
  • Costs approximately $10
  • 16 Shade Choices
  • 0.8 Fluid Ounces
If you’ve been following me for long, you’ll know that I absolutely ADORE Revlon’s Colorstay Liquid Foundation.  It provides great coverage and actually lasts a full day on my skin without fading at all.It’s my Holy Grail foundation for sure.  So when this little beauty came out, I was tremendously excited, but also a little skeptical.

When I opened this up, it was nothing I’d expected.  Unlike your usual whipped foundations (think L’Oreal Magic Souffle, or Maybelline Dream Matte) this looks creamy, and is very dense.  It’s not full of air.

Applying this has appeared to be tricky for some, but I’ve found that my good ol’ standby for foundation application works incredibly well with this product – I use my ELF Studio Powder brush, which is a dense, flat-topped synthetic brush, to buff this into my skin.  It truly makes you look flawless.  Unlike most mousse or whipped foundations, this feels as though it sinks into the skin, blending perfectly, instead of sitting on top, easy to wipe away.  As it blends, it feels very emollient (soft & smooth, almost hydrating), and I love the way it feels.  The initial finish is slightly matte, but as the day goes on it transforms into a your-skin-but-better kind of texture, and looks completely natural.  On your skin it also feels very light and smooth!

The coverage, like the original liquid Colorstay, is medium, and can be built up to a very full coverage, or sheered out to something rather light.  It all depends on how much you apply, and how you apply it. As with most creams, I really recommend buffing this in, or at least use your fingers (which will warm it up and help it to blend in with your skin).  To avoid looking like you’re wearing a mask, it’s best to apply an even layer all over your face, and then apply a second layer only to the places where you’d need extra coverage (which for this is really only blemishes, because only slight redness due to inflammation is visible with this!) If you have VERY oily skin, you may need a setting powder, but for me I feel as though I really don’t need it.  Just a bit of concealer to lighten up under my eyes!

There are three things about the ingredients in this foundation that make it stand out to me.  It does not contain SPF (which believe it or not, is usually a good thing with full coverage foundations.)  Sunscreen in foundation can create a bit of ashiness, and will also wash you out in photos or odd lighting.  Since this doesn’t contain SPF, you’ll avoid that – instead, just layer a moisturizer with SPF underneath when going out in the sun.  Colorstay Whipped also contains a miniscule amount of salicylic acid, which we all know as an acne-fighting ingredient.  Although by no means will a foundation fix your skin, salicylic acid has other beneficial properties, and can help keep this makeup from affecting your pores.  This foundation also contains silicones.  If your skin reacts poorly to silicone, this might be a bad thing, but it is in small doses and is included for good reason – silicone covers fine lines and gives you a more flawless look.
If your skin is extraordinarily dry, with some flakes, you might want to pass on this.   Like almost all longwear foundations, this can tend to cling to dry patches and make them more noticeable… although due to the silicones in this, it does so much less than others. The foundation itself isn’t drying at all, but it also isn’t going to infuse your skin with moisture. If you have combination skin, this could be fantastic.

The packaging, for me, is the only downside… it comes in a heavy jar that is rather bulky, making it rather impractical if you were the type to carry it with you (I don’t, but I’m thinking of others here).  It also creates the illusion that there is more product inside the jar than there really is.  Still, this will last you for quite a while.The shade selection is AMAZING for a drugstore foundation, although you might have a hard time finding all sixteen shades in your local CVS, etc.  If you go to a store like Ulta, they should have the full range of shades.


Overall, I give this a whopping Thumbs Up, and I definitely recommend it to anyone with oily, normal, or combination skin.  This could even work for people with dry skin, as long as you apply a great moisturizer underneath.
DrugstorePrincess Rating:  9.0/10.0


  1. wow this foundation sounds really good! I can't wait to give it a go!

  2. I've been waiting for this review! Makes me want to buy it even more.

  3. I absolutely love this foundation!!! I use E.L.F. correction powder and Rimmel Matte powder to set it. I never have to blot during the day anymore. If I do plan on going out in the evening after working a full day I go over it with some powder and retouch my blush and I'm good to go!! LOVE LOVE LOVE