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Monday, May 7, 2012

Let's Compare - BH Cosmetics 120 Eyeshadow Palettes

"I was wondering, what's your favorite of the 120 palettes from BH cosmetics? Love your blog, by the way."


Oh gosh, I love them all really!  BH Cosmetics palettes are inexpensive, surprisingly good quality, and SO useful.  Each of the 5 versions differs, and it is really all up to personal preference!
1st Edition:

(Every color of the rainbow, coordinated nicely.  I had this once and broke it :'[)
2nd Edition:

(Every color of the rainbow again, focused more on tonal values when coordinated.  I have this one currently and find the arrangement annoying!)
3rd Edition:

(This is a perfectly arranged palette.. one tray of brights, and one tray of neutrals.  Everything you could possibly need.  I need this one.)
4th Edition:

(Interesting, saturated colors.  I would love this one, because the shades are so rich, but it's coordinated very poorly.)
5th Edition:

(There are almost no blues or greens in this palette... which is odd.  It's coordinated strangely, but not horribly.)
Overall, I would recommend the 1st and 3rd edition palettes the most!  But they're all great quality, and I can't speak for the color preferences of everyone.

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And thank you!


  1. Thanks so for posting this! I wanted to buy a BH cosmetics palette (my very first eyeshadow palette !!!) And I had no idea which one to choose! All I knew was that a lot of people liked their eye shadows XD. There was nothing like this on any other site that distinguished between all of them.I ended up choosing the second edition. I'm so excitedddd! I can't wait to try all sorts of new looks!

    Thank youuuu, Hilary!! :)

  2. I have the second edition 120 palette & the Jenni Rivera Palette. I want the 3rd edition though, for travel use

  3. In love wit the 3rd edition n wld luv to purchase it,pls any idea on d cost?