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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Dickinson's Witch Hazel - A Closer Look!

What is Witch Hazel?  
Witch hazel is actually a plant that grows in North America, originally used by Native Americans for medicinal purposes.  This is a natural toner.  It contains anti-inflammatory properties, as well as tons of other all-natural benefits, making it a miracle product for the skin!  
Witch hazel works great as an everyday toner for ALL skin types, even very sensitive skin - because it’s natural, it cleans pores gently, and won’t cause irritation.  
+  Restores skin’s pH balance
+  Reduces redness
+  Treats and prevents breakouts
+  Soothes razor burn and minor scratches
+  Clears pores of dirt and sebum
Dickinson’s All Natural Witch Hazel Pore Perfecting Toner 
About $6 for 16 fl.oz.
Can be found at most drugstores and superstores, wherever skincare products are sold.
This can be used as a regular toner - apply a small amount to a cotton ball or bad, and sweep gently across clean skin.  Allow it to dry on it’s own and do not rinse off. Moisturizers would be applied over top.
I use this once every other day… usually at night.  When I wake up in the morning my skin looks fresh and fantastic.
What Did I Think?
I’ve been using Dickinson’s witch hazel for about two years now, and that should be testament enough to the fact that I adore it!  Over the last year my skin has finally evolved from being an oily, acne-ridden mess to a mostly-clear, combination of dry and normal complexion.  This product has suited and soothed my skin no matter it’s condition - it instantly zaps zits and sweeps away blackheads.   
This genuinely leaves my skin soft and supple - unlike many toners which strip the skin of it’s natural oil.  This does remove excess oil and dirt, but keeps skin in a perfect balance so that there is no need to dry out or produce more greasies.  Even when my skin is dry and flaky, this soothes the irritation and visibly softens the dry patches, leaving them looking and feeling smooth!
On blemishes, this toner reduced redness and swelling almost immediately, and absorbed into the skin to kill the acne bacteria fast.  
This also fixes any razor burn issues I might have, and even helps sunburnfade nicely, making it a MUST for summer!
Any Issues?
This is not a product with a pretty scent!  Witch hazel contains a natural alcohol (NATURAL - it produces it itself, and will not harm the skin!) and because this brand is 100% natural, there are no fragrances added to cover up the slightly stinky smell.  However once applied to the skin, the scent evaporates immediately!
More Pros?
+ You get a TON of product in this bottle!  One bottle lasted me almost 16 months, and I use it almost every day.
+ The packaging is sturdy and convenient… the top snaps closed securely, so you won’t have any accidents.
+ Because this is a natural product, you can safely use it with other skin care products without having to stress about negative reactions.  Of course there are rare occasions when the skin doesn’t deal well with witch hazel, so testing before committing is recommended!
Would I Recommend it?
YES!  This is a product that can be used on all skin types, tones and conditions.  It’s multipurpose, and quite effective.  Balanced skin is happy skin, and this toner will help you achieve both!  If your skin seems to be troubled, definitely pick some up.  It’s inexpensive, natural, and a coveted beauty product - so why not?!