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Friday, February 8, 2013

Fragrance Rebel Product Review + GIVEAWAY! is a one-stop-shop for affordable and great smelling body sprays & perfumes!  They carry the well known and easily accessed products Body Fantasies, Sexiest Fantasies, and BodMan Sprays.    Their products are very inexpensive, ranging from only $2 - $12, but you'd never know by the great, long-lasting scents they provide!  You can find their products in stores like Walmart, Kmart, Rite Aid, Target, Walgreens, and CVS.

I currently own the four following items:  Sexiest Fantasies Love Struck Body Spray,  Swept Away Fragrance Deodorant Body Spray, Body Fantasies Pink Sweet Pea Fantasy Fragrance Body Spray, and Body Fantasies Sweet Pea Fantasy Body Mist.

Love Struck comes in an attractive purple-and-black lace designed bottle, and smells like a sexy blend of cherry blossom, peach, and sensual musks.  When sprayed onto the skin, there is absolutely no residue or dyes, and the scent lasts for hours!

Swept Away is one of FragranceRebel's many "dupe" fragrances, and this one happens to be an exact copy of the popular scent, Victoria's Secret Love Spell.  At a fraction of the cost, this is definitely the perfect choice for VS lovers!  They also carry dupes for Dolce & Gabbana, Clinique, Armani, Bath & Body Works, Calvin Klein, Ed Hardy, and many many more!
The Deodorant Body Spray, although it sounds a bit funny, is a really light and soft to the touch mist that lingers on the skin for hours, and helps cover those not-so-sweet-smelling body odors that can occur throughout the day!  For this reason, I'm keeping this handy little spray in my gym bag - perfect for before & after a tough workout!

Pink Sweet Pea Fantasy is the perfect sweet pea fragrance that nearly everyone loves (whether you're wearing it or your friends/honeys are smelling it!)  

Overall I have absolutely no complaints about these wallet-friendly, dreamy fragrances!  I highly recommend picking a few up the next time you see them in a store, because you won't be disappointed.

First off - What is Galentine's Day?  Well, Galentine's Day is a mockery of the oh-so-sappy-why-is-it-even-a-holiday Valentine's Day, February 14th.  Instead of feeling sorry for not having a date, or running around trying to organize your date and your dinner reservations, Galentine's day is a day for friends to celebrate one another!  It is a day to gather your  pals together and vent, laugh, cry, and connect, but most importantly, to support each other.

What better way to celebrate Galentine's day than with a giveaway?! has teamed up with DrugstorePrincess to give away those four items listed above (Because they're DSP approved, that's why!)  To one lucky winner to keep all for themselves, or to spread the love with their Galentine's day buddies!

In order to enter, you MUST:
  1. Be over 18 years of age (or have parent/guardian permission)
  2. Live in the continental United States (sorry to my INTL subbies... I'll get you next time!)
  3. Have a VALID EMAIL ADDRESS (because how else are we supposed to contact you?!)
  4. Be a follower of DrugstorePrincess on one or more social media accounts (Tumblr, Blogger, Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter)
Now for the fun part:

  • MANDATORY:  You must comment below THIS POST (the one you're reading) telling us 1) How you plan to spend G-Day/V-Day  AND/OR your best G-Day/V-Day memory,  2) Specify the names of your social media accounts through which you follow DrugstorePrincess and 3)  Tell us your VALID email address
  • BONUS:  Reblog this post on Tumblr ONE TIME ONLY for two extra entries [3 total]


So go on, now!  Comment below to enter, and have a fabulous and happy Galentine's Day!


  1. **EXAMPLE** I'm going to spend Valentine's Day at home... my honey has promised to cook me a romantic dinner and get a babysitter for my dog-child!

    My email address is and I follow you on Tumblr as there-were-no-good-urls-left, and Instagram as @DrugstorePrincess

  2. I'll be spending Valentine's day with my lovely sister who just dumped her long-time boyfriend and myself who awhile ago got out of a useless relationship. There will be lots of chocolate and wine involved.

    My email address is and I follow you on tumblr as sadolivegirl

  3. Having my girl friends over for pizza and sappy movies. Can't wait! My email address is and I follow you on tumblr as its-becca-bitch =)

  4. Since v-day is my birthday, I will be spending it going out with my friends to celebrate = D

    my e-mail is and I follow you on tumblr as pretendingtoread, instagram as leiluvsbblt, and twitter as @Chocobaba

  5. This year, I'll be spending Valentine's Day in San Francisco, with Swedish House Mafia on their one last tour! I'll be with my boyfriend of course, it'll be the best rave ever. My email is and I follow you on tumblr as! (:

  6. i plan to spend v-day with my son waiting for actual v-day to be over so we can go to the dollar store and snatch up all the candy on sale! and i follow you on instagram(southernweather), fb(chay pertuz), and tumblr(southernweather)

  7. I will spend V-Day going to class, then watching movies and drinking hot cocoa with my roomie. My email is and I follow you on Tumblr as taylor9836

  8. I plan on either going to see a movie or dinner with my big sis. My favorite V-Day memory is from when I was little my dad used to always bring me a box of those conversational hearts when he got candy for my mother. I used to wake up to find them waiting for me on the table. I follow Drugstore Princess on tumblr under the name WondErfully Made. My email address is

  9. I haven't made any Valentine's day plans as of yet, but hopefully I'll work up the courage to get lunch with the guy I like. If not, I'll spend it with my best friend in Dairy Queen, since she'll always be my Valentine.

    My email address is and I follow you on Tumblr as displeasedzebra.

  10. I plan on spending my Valentines Day with my lovely boyfriend. We made reservations to to visit the Cincinnati Observatory and star gaze together!

    My email address is and I follow you on Tumblr from Karamarie87 and I follow you on Facebook from Kara Marie Mitchell, and also on Pinterest as Kara Marie Mitchell.

  11. i plan on working and then buying my hubby some chocolates and hope he buys me something sweet or a rose
    my email is and i follow you on instagram @nely_gmr

  12. I plan on going out to dinner with my boyfriend since we rarely do!
    my email is and i follow you on tumblr as chelz0r

  13. I plan to spend this valentines day IN COLLEGE with a bunch of classes! I have no best memory because I usually stay at home. I follow drugstoreprincess on tumblr as aniwazhur and my email address is

  14. I plan to spend Valentine's Day on an at-home date with my husband, complete with candles and a fancy dinner. I follow you on Facebook "Megan Mosley" and my email address is

  15. I'll be missing my hubby for V-day :-( So, I bought makeup, clothes and undergarments since it's my birthday a mere 4 days before 'lovers-day' :-D

  16. Since I have to work on V-day evening, we will go to dinner the evening before, a quaint little Italian restaurant that we love.
    C U on Fbook and Pinterest!

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  18. This is My first time ever having a valentines date so my boyfriend is gonna plan the whole day and surprise me. Im pretty excited. Since he is my first valentines date it makes it that much more special for me. I follow you on Facebook, pinterest and twitter(:

  19. My best ever valentine's day was me and a boy in my class having a night out at the movies, where we saw 'I am Number 4'. He had asked me to go to the movies with him the day before, and it turns out that he had a crush on me, as well as I having a crush on him. The whole movie he held my hand, and at the end, we had our first kiss. It was so adorable :3

    I follow you on Tumblr. Just click my name to go to my blog. is my email xxxx good luck everyone!!

  20. 1) I have class and work on Valentines Day. Hopefully my hubby and I will be able to grab lunch though. I think we're going to celebrate this weekend. Last year on Valentines Day, my step dad gave me a huge box of chocolate and my husband picked me up from the airport with a single red rose for love, and a single yellow rose because the first flowers he ever sent me were yellow roses. It was the first time I'd gotten flowers for Valentines Day.

    2) BlogSpot - DeliriousKris (Obviously =P)
    Twitter - @DeliriousKris
    Instagram - @DeliriousKris
    Tumblr - DeliriousKris
    Facebook -

    3) My email is:

  21. Hello my name is Maria Castaneda and on Valentine's Day I plan to spend it home with my 20 month old. I'm a single mom and my daughter means everything to me. We plan to watch cartoons all day and eats lots of chocolate!!

    I follow you on
    Blogspot: Maria Castaneda

    My email is

  22. 1) This V-Day my Hubby is on a guys vacation with his brother in law so I plan on spending the day like any other except I will be pampering myself- a hot bath, a new book, some fun baking, etc. All the things you need some quiet time to do. My favorite Valentine's Day will always be while I was in high school and my dad would buy both my mother and I flowers. Hers was of course a bouquet of red roses while mine was an assortment of various flowers, all different types and colors. They were always beautiful. He passed away this past June and I will forever miss his special presents.
    2) I follow you on
    Blogspot: whit
    Instagram: wwallace7287
    Tumblr: wwallace7287
    3)email is:

  23. I'll be spending my Valentine's Day with my younger sister! We'll be watching stupid movies all day, doing our nails, doing facemasks, eating tons of chocolate & drinking tea, & then watching a StageIt performance by one of the bands we love. (:

    I follow you on Tumblr as ilikeolga, & Twitter as @olguhhh.

    My email is :D

  24. I'll be spending my Valentine's Day working, then spending time with my husband and two year old before heading out to do some Zumba Toning.

    I follow you on Instagram as @drugstoreprincess and I liked you on Facebook!

    My email is

  25. Tumbrl:
    Facebook: Emily Countiss

    Original I was supposed to work on Valentine's day, but I ended up getting off! That right there is a nice present. I don't have a boyfriend, but I'll be spending the evening with my brother and sister :3

  26. I will be spending Valentines day with a tub of icecream and some good halloween movies ^.^

    My email is and I follow you on tumbrl as theworldbeckons

  27. Happy Valentine's day!! I will be spending the day sharing love around campus and leaving valentines at peoples' doors. My email is and I follow you on tumblr as sarahisthebestest and liked you on facebook as Sarah Valero.

  28. THIS GIVEAWAY IS NOW CLOSED - Thank you all for entering! There will be new giveaways coming soon :)

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