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Thursday, January 3, 2013

A Look Back: DrugstorePrincess' Makeup HITS and MISSES of 2012


Happy 2013!  Can you believe the year has gone by so quickly?!  I know I can't.  But here's to new and greater things to come!

In this post, I will look back at some of the most popular beauty products that have released this past year, give them some flash reviews and a verdict - HIT or MISS!  Yes, most of these WILL be drugstore products - you're welcome!   If you've been waiting to buy some of these goodies or if you're just looking for new things to try (or avoid), this is a post not to miss.  

LORAC Pro Palette - $42
A huge deal when released, this incredible 16 shade eyehadow palette is sure to impress anyone.  It is a mostly-neutral palette, with a few surprise shades thrown in.  There is a great mix of matte and shimmer colors, which together can be used to create almost any look. Comes with a sample sized primer as well. I featured it in a H&M post here!  Verdict:  HIT

Wet n Wild Color Icon Limited Edition Palettes - $5 each
The World of Beauty Blogs has been raving about the quality of Wet n Wild's new eyeshadows for a year or two now, and these stunning 8-color palettes were HUGE hits.  The three palettes (L-R) Drinking a Glass of Shine, Sparkle 'Til Morning, and Shimmer the Night Away, contain great mixes of brights and neutrals, mattes and shimmers (even glitters!).  Each eyeshadow is deliciously pigmented and really packs a punch.  Perfect for pros and amateurs!  Verdict:  HIT
Urban Decay Vice Palette - $59
Recently released, The Vice Palette has already received TONS of praise from all over the beauty industry.  This fancy palette contains 20 gorgeous shadows in nearly every color you could hope for... from hot pink shimmer to cream colored matte.  It also comes with a double sided brush for application.  Unfortunately, many people have been complaining that the palette is constructed poorly, with pans coming loose and the brush separating.  However, all around, it's a must-have for UD lovers!  Verdict:  HIT

Maybelline Color Tattoo 24 Hour Gel Cream Eyeshadow - $6
These little pots are filled with magic unlike any other cream eyeshadow found at the drugstore!  Beauty Gurus everywhere use these as bases for all kinds of eye looks - they blend easily onto the eye without loosing any of their color, and they don't crease or fade on your lids!  They look awesome alone or with other eyeshadow as well.  These could be dupes for MAC Paint Pots, as they are similarly packaged and used.  This year not only has the permanent collection been released, but also a few limited edition shades, such as Barely Beige (my personal favorite eyeshadow base!)  (Tenacious Teal shown)  Verdict:  HIT

L'Oreal Infallible 24 Hour Eyeshadows - $8
These eyeshadows were released at relatively the same time as Maybelline Color Tattoo - the "24 Hour Wear" claim has been HUGE this year, if a bit exaggerated.  The texture and formula of these is a bit hard to describe... they are like a loose eyeshadow that has been pressed into a pot.  Doesn't make sense, right?  Well if you try these, you'll understand.  Once you apply these eyeshadows, they look exactly like a loose pigment - pigmented, slightly creamy, and easy to blend.  They do last a bit longer than most powder eyeshadows, but certainly not 24 hours.  Many of these shades are dupes of famous colors (Bronzed Taupe, above is similar to MAC Satin Taupe!) Verdict:  HIT   

Urban Decay Naked Skin Foundation - $38
Naked Skin is either loved or hated, without a whole lot in between.  This is supposed to be "weightless" and sort of like an "HD" foundation that makes you look flawless.  The coverage is very light, and it is incredibly unnoticable on the skin.  Some people claim that it's buildable, but in my personal experience I didn't find that it could provide much coverage.  So for me, this wasn't what I wanted in a foundation.  To be fair, many other people absolutely love this foundation!  Verdict:  MISS
Revlon Colorstay Whipped Creme Makeup - $10
Many people have fallen in love with this foundation, and many people have learned  to steer clear.  It is so much different from the original liquid Colorstay formula - this is a thick, rich mousse-type foundation.  However it doesn't act like your typical mousse.  It is emolliant and creamy, not too airy.  It blends really easily onto your skin and the coverage is quite buildable. If you put on too much (you only need a small amount), it can look cakey upon application. The more it settles into your skin, the more natural and perfect it looks.  It is also longwearing, true to ColorStay's legacy.  I've reviewed it here.  Verdict:  HIT

Kat Von D Lock-It Tattoo Foundation - $34
Currently my favorite foundation of the moment, this product is the definition of full coverage.  It covers all of your flaws (yes, it even covers tattoos if you try), doesn't transfer, doesn't wear off, and lasts all day.  It also doesn't look like a mask - instead it leaves a really natural looking satin-matte finish.  The pump packaging is stellar and it works great for all skin types (excluding extremely dry).  Verdict: HIT

Maybelline Dream Nude Airfoam - $9  AND Revlon Photoready Airbrush - $10
I decided to put these together because they are nearly identical.  They both came out at about the same time to compete with one another.  The idea sounds great - it's a lightweight sort of whipped cream-type product that blends easily onto the skin with minimal effort.  However that's really not what it's like at all - they are foam, and although they come out of the bottle fluffy and full, as soon as you touch them they disappear, and become very thin.  The coverage is extremely light, and the product sits on top of your skin.  The foundation wears off easily and doesn't cover any kind of flaws - very disappointing.  Verdict:  MISS and MISS

Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Eraser - $7
This is a surprisingly good product... the concealer/foundation itself blends flawlessly into the skin, providing medium coverage that looks natural and glowing. The packaging is quite unsanitary though, which docks a lot of points from me, but honestly it looks and feels so good on the skin I can't help but love it.  Verdict:  HIT

BB Creams:
Too Faced Tinted Beauty Balm - $32
BB Creams were all the rage this year!  This one by Too Faced was expected to be a favorite.  Like most new BB Creams, this is not REALLY a BB Cream (real BB Creams originated in Asia).  This is much more like a tinted moisturizer - the coverage is very light.  This BB Cream is oil free and is supposed to prime, moisturize, provide SPF and cover all at the same time.  It does last for quite a while throughout the day but overall it is not impressive, and the shade range is very limited.  Verdict:  MISS

Maybelline Dream Fresh 8-in-1 Beauty Balm Skin Perfector - $8
This was probably the most popular BB cream this year, mostly for the low price tag.  Once again, this is not a real BB cream, and is more like a tinted moisturizer.  The coverage is very light and not buildable.  It does contain SPF 30 sunscreen, which is a good thing for everyday wear.  It is also oil free, but does not do much else.. however it feels really nice on the skin.  It is not greasy at all and feels much like a second skin.  I have reviewed it here!  Verdict:  HIT

Smashbox Camera Ready BB Cream - $39
This is much more like a traditional BB cream in that it provides medium to full coverage and is designed for people with oily skin.  It is very thick and can be strange to apply, but a little goes a long way.  It provides SPF 35 and lasts for most of the day without budging or getting shiny.  It is expensive, but one of the better BB creams released this year.  Verdict:  HIT

Garnier Skin Renew Miracle Skin Perfector - $11
Garnier's version was one of the first to come out at the drugstore, and unlike the others available, this is found in the skincare aisle.  It is a glorified tinted moisturizer, but a very good tinted moisturizer.  It works well on dry to normal skin types and provides light coverage.  It provides SPF 15 and is quite hydrating, but requires powder in order for it to last through the day.  There are only two shades, but can be blended out to work for more skin tones.  Verdict:  HIT

Blush & Bronzer:
Benefit Hervana Blush - $28
This blush released at the beginning of 2012, and was instantly a Benefit lover's favorite.  It provides a gorgeous, natural looking finish, and is a light mauve shade. The swirls of color blend together to create one unique look.  Although Benefit's blushes are on the expensive side, this release was a lovely one.  Verdict:  HIT

ELF HD Blush - $3
These are liquid blushes that pack a huge punch - the colors are really pigmented, but easily blended into the skin.  The packaging is a convenient pump that helps you get the perfect amount out for application.  If you're looking for a vivid blush at a low price point, this is perfect for you!  Verdict:  HIT

Maybelline Dream Bouncy Blush - $8
These were part of Maybelline's Spring 2012 collection (even though they technically released much earlier in the year).  Everyone was very excited about these little cream blushes, but most (including myself) were very disappointed.  There is very little color payoff, and whatever color you do get fades quickly once you put it on.  Some people argue that these can be used as bases for powder blush, but for $8 I think that's a bit unnecessary.  Verdict:  MISS

The Balm Mary-Lou Manizer - $24
This is the ultimate highlight, and I'm obsessed with it.  Beauty Gurus all over are loving it too!  It is the perfect cream colored highlight with a very subtle golden undertone.  The powder is finely milled and looks perfect anywhere on your face, even as an eyeshadow.  It will compliment any skin tone and give you the perfect touch of light.  Verdict:  HIT

Wet n Wild Color Icon Bronzer - $3
These bronzers are huge, and very pigmented.  In the summer, three LE shades were released, adorned with a shell design.  Although these can have a bit of an orangey undertone, they create a gorgeous sunkissed look and are very friendly to your wallet!  Verdict:  HIT
NYX Matte Bronzer - $9
As a contouring fiend, I have to just say that a matte bronzer is actually pretty hard to find.  Many bronzers look matte but end up having a bit of shimmer to them, which is not necessarily an awful thing, but not ideal for contouring.  These NYX bronzers are highly pigmented, come in five different shades for all skin tones, and are completely and utterly matte.  How wonderful!  You get a lot for your money and the packaging is sleek.  Verdict:  HIT

Maybelline Baby Lips - $4
When these first released, I wasn't to excited about them.  I'm not a fan of the packaging, and four bucks seems like a lot for a pretty basic lip balm.  But over time I've grown to love a few of these.  The tinted balms are quite lovely (especially Pink Punch, which is hot pink!), and they do make your lips feel incredibly soft while you're wearing them.  Verdict:  HIT
Revlon Lip Butters - $7
The hype over these lippies was HUGE, and fortunately they impressed.  The colors are great, and are actually pretty pigmented, but they blend into your lips and provide a nice, creamy finish.  However the name can be a bit deceiving, because they don't hydrate your lips at all.  There is no scent to these and the color selection is great.  Verdict:  HIT

NYX Matte Lipstick - $6
These matte lippies have a great color selection, and unlike most matte lipsticks, really glide on smoothly and don't look or feel too drying.  They are very pigmented and have a subtle berry scent.  Verdict:  HIT

Rimmel London Lasting Finish Kate Moss Lipsticks - $6
These cute Kate-approved lipsticks are incredibly pigmented and smooth!  The colors are very rich, and they do last longer than many lipsticks do.  The finish is satin and creamy, and there is no odd frost finish.  Verdict:  HIT
Maybelline SuperStay 10hr Stain Gloss - $7
These funky lipcolors are a great idea - a shiny, pigmented lipgloss that stains your lips and lasts all day!  Unfortunately they fall a little bit short.  Although they are very pigmented and the applicator is unique and effective, the colors are not true to the packaging at all, and the stain fades after just a few hours.  Verdict:  MISS

Covergirl LashBlast Clump Crusher - $8
Finally, a LashBlast mascara with a new wand!  This wand is thinner than the original fat brush, and has a slight curve to it, allowing you to get to even the smallest lashes.  This mascara does a great job of lengthening, if lacking slightly in the volume department, but most importantly it does provide a clump-free look, without any special way of applying.  Hooray!  Verdict:  HIT

Maybelline Great Lash Lots of Lashes - $4
This mascara was a tribute to the anniversary of Great Lash, and has a uniquely shaped brush.  The brush is actually very short, but is in a triangular shape.  At first it takes some getting used to, but once you get the hang of it, it provides amazing clump-free length!  At the price you can't beat it, and it's better than the other Great Lash versions out there.  Verdict:  HIT

Rimmel ScandalEyes - $5
This is a huge mascara for a low price point.  The tube is huge, the wand is huge, and the brush is REALLY huge.  The bristles are long and the brush is fat, which is not something I appreciate.  Fat brushes make it harder to get to your smaller lashes.  This mascara is also very wet and heavy, and weighs your lashes down instead of bringing them up.  Also, the "waterproof" version isn't waterproof at all, and smudges just as much as the non waterproof one.  Verdict:  MISS

Maybelline Mega Plush - $6
This mascara had a lot of hype when it was released, claiming that it was a "gel" formula that felt weightless.  This mascara isn't for everyone, but it does create great volume and length without looking overly dramatic.  The formula is wet at first but dries out quite quickly, however your lashes do feel quite light.  I did not notice any flaking.  Verdict:  HIT

L'Oreal Voluminous False Fiber Lashes - $9
I love all Voluminous mascaras from L'Oreal, but this one missed the mark a bit for me.  The brush is very large and oddly shaped, and does not suit many lash types. The formula is much too dry for my taste, and is designed to lengthen (which it does), but does not create much volume, no matter how you apply.  It is good quality, but is not for me.  Verdict:  MISS


Surprisingly, there were no new eyeliners that really stood out to me, either for good or for bad, this year!  Strange, huh?  
Here's to all the new products that will be coming out in 2013!


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