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Monday, September 24, 2012

**CLOSED** Fall Nail Polish Giveaway! and Verve 360 Hair Salons of Pittsburgh are excited to bring you another Zoya nail polish giveaway!  This time around we have two super-trendy nail colors up for grabs... Toni and Natty, from Zoya's Fall 2012 Collection.

Zoya "Toni" - This is the perfect shade for anyone, especially for this season.  It is a gorgeous, sophisticated plum shade with a creme finish.  It is marvelously opaque, and requires only one or two coats for full color vibrancy.  It is a bit wine-toned... not too dark or harsh, but certainly vampy and flattering on all skin tones.  This color could work for any occasion, from professional atmospheres to party scenes.

Zoya "Natty" - Also ideal for fall, this shade is a smokey steel blue.  Unlike many blue nail colors, this is easy to wear and translates as a neutral, so it can be worn with anything (like a good pair of jeans!)  This shade also has a creme finish, meaning that there is no glitter or sheen, just a flat color with a glorious glossy finish.  This is also superbly opaque, and requires only a couple of coats.  It isn't runny or too thick... simply a perfect polish for anyone.


+  This contest is only for followers of DrugstorePrincess.
+  To enter, you must be at least 18 years old, or have parent/guardian permission.
+  You must be from the continental United States (Sorry to my international followers!  We'll have more for you soon!)
[For more information, view Tumblr giveaway guidelines here]


+  If you meet all of the criteria, all you need to do is comment below THIS POST (the one you're reading) with your Tumblr URL or  your Blogger ID with which you follow DrugstorePrincess, and a description of your nail polish collection [how large, what your most popular color is, how often you paint your nails, etc]


+  You MUST complete the main entry in order to qualify for the giveaway!!  Do that first, before you forget.  You can participate in all, a few, or none of the bonus entries if you choose.  MAKE SURE to include any bonus entry information in your main entry!

+ Bonus Entry #1:   Reblog THIS post on Tumblr - 2 Reblogs Maximum (any more and you will be disqualified) - two extra entries!
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+ Bonus Entry #3:  "Like" DrugstorePrincess on Facebook for one entry!

This giveaway will close on Wednesday, September 3rd at 11:59PM (Eastern time zone)  

A special thank you to Verve 360 Hair Salons for sponsoring this giveaway!  If you live in the Pittsburgh area be sure to check them out.

What are you waiting for?  Enter now!



    My collection isn't really that large and it contains mostly dark campy colors and neutrals with a few funky colors thrown in. I paint my nails every three or four days or so.

  2. *
    I have no nail polish collection. I mainly use my mother's old nail polish from the 90's. I would paint my nails more if I had nice colors!


    Hi! I follow you on Tumblr from and I follow you on Instagram with @HilaryBall44

    My nail polish collection is quite large! Mostly it's full of pinks and coral colors, but I'm really loving neutrals for fall. I'm in the process of creating a wall display for my collection!



    I have a nail polish collection of about 50 nail polishes. I paint my nails at least once a week. I don't really have a favorite nail polish color because it changes every so often. Although I haven't had any Zoya Nail polishes so it would be great to win this givaway. :D

    1. instagram= yess_yesi

    I have a small nail polish collection, but it's growing! I usually wear neutrals/pinks/blues. I paint my nails at least once a week and I'm currently wearing Wet n Wild- I Need a Refresh-mint.
    These two polishes in the post are really nice :)


    I have a nailpolish collection of 15 nail polishes. I paint my nails at least once every other week. My favorite nail polish color Revlon touch of Mauve because its an easy nude color to apply and not worry about it being perfect. I would really love to have my collection grow and test out a few darker colors from Zoya (:


    I have about 40+ nail polishes in my collection! It ranges from blues to pinks to even a few yellows! I'm obsessed with having my nails always look good. I paint about every other day. I would love to win


    I have a huge collection, about 250 nail polishes, I try to change my nails about once a week. I am obsessed :)


    I have about 25 polishes. My all-time fav is I'm Not Really A Waitress by OPI.

  10. Hi! I follow you on tumblr , instagram @j00deeb00tee , and liked you on facebook! (:

    I have about 25 colors in my collection. I paint my nails once a week or whenever the color chips. I love neutrals, but I don't have a preference. I use ALL colors. I love designing nails! It'd be really nice to win. (:


    My collection is modest, but maybe bigger than the average person. Most people go to nail salons, I think. But I have about 45-50 colors, plus the awesome Matte About You topcoat, and I tend to stick with solid colors (rather than shimmer or glitter) but I have neon, jewel tones, and neutrals...lots of variety! My current favorite (and on my nails at the moment!) is Ulta nail laquer in "Maine Attraction" which is a sort of cool blue with a touch of green (see my Instagram pic with your tag.) I paint my nails at least once a week, depending on how much I use my hands (and thus chip my nails...)

    I'd love to try Zoya polish! I never buy dark colors because I'm afraid of staining but I'd love to try these 2 colors out. I think a more wine red would look good for my paler skin without looking creepy on my hands.

    Reblogged on Tumblr.
    Added on Instagram (@sbee619).
    Picture of nails tagged on Instagram.

  12. Ian obsessed with nail polish! But my favorite (at the moment) is Essie "Cute As A Button". It's the most adorable shade of pink!!!

    Instagram- @iamstevieraye

  13. and @monalacey on instagram.

    my nail polish collection is pretty huge, and i tend to buy five or six new colours a month, so i'm starting to run out of space for them all...i have a little bit of everything in my collection, from neutrals to neons to glitter. lately i'm in love with essie's lilacism and orly's decode. in general, paint my nails two or three times a week, whenever my current polish starts to chip off.

  14. and @lanhyyd on instagram

    my nail polish collection is fairly large with a lot of blues, silvers, and variations of pink. my favorite is mint green and i've been using a lot from the wet and wild collection. i paint my nails every week or so and i try to put a design on it as well.

  15. Yay! I love giveaways, esp ones that include nail polish! Okay, first off my tumblr URL =

    My nail collection is pretty moderate. I have about 30 bottles and most of them are dark colors, though I have a few pastel and fluorescent shades in there! I paint my nails weekly because that's about how long the polish stays on for me! I love doing seasonal designs so I've just started doing Halloween/fall nails. (My toes are a bright orange/yellow with jack-o-lantern faces!)

    I reblogged the post on tumblr and liked you on FB for my bounce (sorry, don't have a Instagram!)

    Thank you for hosting this giveaway! <3

  16. sarahradz on tumblr

    i have about 70 nail polishes all together. a lot of them are blue/teal cuz that's my favorite color!

  17. Tumblr: Oppacalyptic
    Instagram: kamikaze_katt

    My nail polish collection is rather small, around 30 colors. My favorite as of now is Sephora by O.P.I's "Read My Palm" I paint my nails once a week, on Saturday.

  18. Tumblr:
    Instagram: lillianhua

    I have over 100 nail polishes (last time I checked)and I honestly can't seem to get enough neon-anything and any shade of blue. I don't know if I could really pick a favorite polish, but one of my go-to polishes is always China Glaze - For Audrey. I paint my nails every 2-3 days, depending on the design or if I'm sick of the color already.

  19. Tumblr:
    Instagram: emilyisabean

    I didn't even start painting my nails until a few months ago, when I finally broke the habit of biting my nails because I had broken facial bones and could barely chew solid food, let alone chew on my nails! So now they aren't stubby anymore and don't look silly when I paint them. I have a good 10 or 20 bottles that have probably been in my house for over a decade, most of which I don't use much because I don't like the colors, but my favorite is an opaque black with a gold-ish glitter coat over it. The glitter is very fine and dense so it has a neat effect (seen in my instagram entry). My other favorites are a couple of cheap, neon pinks and yellows that I picked up solely because they glow in blacklight when I go out to clubs!

  20. tumblr: onemorechance

    i have about 30 nailpolishes varying from low end to OPI. my absolute favorite go-to any time of year color is essie "russian roulette" ! :)


    i have about 20 something polishes, and its a constantly growing!

  22. I think I have about 45 polishes, but it's been growing lately. I paint my nails 2-3 times a week.

    GFC: NeonChipmunk


    I have about 20 polishes, I paint my nails 3 times a month, usually when I find a new style or a way to mix different colors that I already have. I LOVE accenting with bright red, even when its a little odd to do so. I think red makes my nails look SO luxurious. I have a problem with buying awkward colors. I mean, I buy the reds, blacks, pinks....but then I buy hunter green for no apparent reason. Its just fun!!!


    I've got a fairly large nail polish collection, with mostly dark colors and a few bright springy colors.


    Basically, lip stick and nail polish are the two things I impulse purchase on the regular. Though there are a few I'm going to toss, I have around 30. I've mainly purchased them at the drugstore I work for. I change my polish once a week, usually.

  26. My collection is a bit small (about 5 colors) but definitely blossoming! I love reds, pinks, purples and other deep or vibrant colors to use as toenail polish! My favorite color at the moment is Long Kiss by China Glaze. It's a true, velvety red that looks great alone or with a nice sparkly topcoat, right now i'm using a purple shimmer topcoat and it looks great. I paint or touch up my nails almost weekly!

    1. My name links to it, but my Tumblr is just incase!

  27. HELLO!!
    I follow you on tumblr from It's french but I live here in Texas. YeeHaw!
    I have about 100 nail polish in my collection currently. I store them in shoe boxes while in search of a good nail polish rack. I have a color system when painting my nails. Spring is pastel colors, summer neon colors, fall I tend to use neturals, reds, browns, and oranges, and in winter I go dark. I paint my nails weekly and I do designs on all or sometimes just an accent nail. My collecton ranges from high end to drugstore nail polishes. Currently on my nails I'm wearing 'Sweet Temptation' by ORlY and on the ring figer the sally hansen nail stickers floral. On my toes I have 'Courtney Orange' by Sinful Colors.

  28. Hello :) my tumblr is I have about fifteen nail polishes which are mostly reds/purples/blacks and neutrals. My most popular color lately is OPI's "I'm Not Really A Waitress" although I also favor Essie's "Lilacism" a lot as well. I paint my nails twice a week usually.


    my nail polish collection is small and not very good quality. its all mostly kinda bright and a few dark colors. i paint my nails every 4 days or so because it all chips off so easily.


    My nail polish collection is.. a variety, to say the least. It ranges from a 99 cents or two dollar brand you might pick up at a drugstore to fifteen dollar "fancy" shades.

    I do my nails several times a week; sometimes more and sometimes less. Again, my nail polish brands vary, so some chip within a day, others it takes a week.

    Thanks so much for doing this!! :)

    1. Note:
      I liked your facebook page and reblogged the post once.


    My nail polish collection is barely starting and so I have mostly pinks and one of each main color; blue, purple, black, red, etc. I'm beggining to take care of myself more and I simply feel put together if I have my nails done :) I may not, but it sure helps.

  32. :)
    I LOVE nail polish, but I only started becoming interested in beauty products in the last year, year and a half, so my nail polish collection still has plenty of growing to do :) I find that my taste in nail polish changes seasonally, so throughout the year, so when I stop by the store, I often pick up a bottle that catches my eye! Because of this, my collection is very diverse, ranging from shimmers, to mattes, from brights to neutrals, and from darks to lights. I try to paint my nails at least once a week, but things can get hectic sometimes and I have to go a few days with chipped polish before I can re-do them :)


    My nail polish collection is kinda small. It's mainly a few colors from Sephora OPI (a nude, a turquoise, and a coral), a Maybelline color show polish in bright pink and lime green, a Chanel polish that I got from Fashion's Night Out, one Zoya sample polish in "Kristen", one Zoya polish in "carey" and one color club nail polish in "status update". I'm still trying to build up my fall/winter polish shades on a budget.

    Thanks for your consideration <3


    I have a good sized collection, about 20 bottles or so. I paint my nails every time they become chipped, or I feel like I need a new color. My favorite color is "Devilish" by Revlon.

  35. My nail polish collection is somewhat small; many are old so I can't use them, but I have a few colors that I use all the time! I love my black, red, and white polishes. I don't usually step out of my comfort zone when it comes to nail colors, but the ones in the giveaway are actually beautiful and I feel like they would go very well with my personality and especially my outfits. :)

    My tumblr url:

  36. I have about 30 colors in my nail polish collection, made up of mostly greens/blues and neutral colors. I paint my nails every couple of weeks or so, really depending on how quickly th epolish wears. I recently bought Zoya nail polish in shades of Yara ana Zuza, and they're amazing!!! I love Zoya!

    side nail art blog: hausoftalons


    I have a nice sized collection of nail polishes. My nail polish collection has grown quite a bit since following DrugStorePrincess. I can now find awesome nail polish that is within my price range! :D My favorite colors are sinful color's "ruby ruby", nicole's "plumroll please", china glaze's "pink chiffon" and some random l.a. color's magenta and blue glitter!

    My mom is the person who helped start my nail polish collection. Whenever I visit her, I paint her nails and show her the latest addition to my collection!

    1. Bonus entry #1 and Bonus Entry #3! Sorry I forgot to add it. D:

    Between my mom and I, we have roughly 78 polishes and our most popular brand at the moment is Sinful but I would love to try out a Zoya polish!

    My collection is not large, I have around 10 - 12 nail polishes but I am hoping to get more in my collection! I'm starting to really love painting my nails and would love to have Zoyas in my small but blossoming collection :)

    I only have about twelve different polishes, but it's growing all the time! It's mostly made up of pastel colors, neutrals, and deeper, darker colors. I tend to avoid bright, neon colors. My nails are always painted, and I change the color about every week. My favorite color to paint my nails with is dark purple!

  42. billythebrime/, Blogger ID BillyTheBrime. My nail polish collection has become *massive* in the last year or two. It's now 540+ and still growing. Even though purple is my favorite color in general, teal/blue shades have taken over my stash. I just can't help but love teal/blues. I try to leave my polish/designs on for at least three days, but sometimes I only last a day before changing.
    Bonus entry: Reblogged post once.
    Bonus entry: Liked DrugstorePrincess on Facebook

    I have about 70 bottles in my nail polish collection and I'm still constantly finding more colors that I need. My most used color is probably Revlon Gold Coin because I use it on my toes and also in nail art. I paint my nails about once a week and right now I have so many designs in line that I'm dying to change my nails, but I just did them the other day!
    I also just found a polish called Kimmy and now I need to have it!

  44. tumblr:
    instagram: danielle1992

    My nail polish collection is probably about 150 colors, although i need to clean it out because a lot of the colors are very old and no good anymore. My favorite color is probably Sinful Colors Fusion Neon. I love Neon pinks and have accumulated several variations of the color over time. I usually only paint my nails once a week. I've been painting them constantly since middle school and with that having been nearly 10 years ago, I'm trying to be nicer to my nails.

    My collection consists of about 90+ nail polishes. I've been collecting for about four years now. I am an essie addict!! My favorite colors are blues, purples, and pinks, but I also love neutrals like greys and beiges. I most frequently paint my nails essie's "who is the boss" and "ladylike", I'd say. I usually paint my nails about once a week or so, sometimes more sometimes less but I hate to damage my nails too much so I try to limit myself! I've recently gotten nail art brushes so I've been experimenting with those a bit.
    Bonus entries: Reblogged once and liked on facebook.

  46. tumblr url:

    My nail polish collection contains mostly shades of blue, and dark fall colors. It's not that large... (can all fit in a shoe box). And I paint my nails about every 3 weeks [=

  47. my collection isn't very big, but it's a good size and has a lot of great colors. it mostly consists of essie polishes because they're my favorite. the color i use most is probably turquoise and caicos by essie, but i like to use a lot of neutrals too. i paint my nails maybe two or three times a week because i get bored with them easily.
    bonus entry: reblogged once.

  48. tumblr: & also reblogged

    Nail polish collection contains mostly fall shades, I can't seem to jump the gun and get on pastel shades. Change my polish every 3-4 days. I keep my nails short and squared~

  49. I am a 46 year old single mother. I have two sons and one beautiful daughter. I have done my best to raise my children to be productive and respectful adults. I have not had time to feel like a girl. I have had to play the both rolls as father and mother and caregiver, I care for my 87 year old mother she has Alzheimer's and my oldest son has Cancer and my middle son is in jail he has had problems since he was 15. I would like to feel like a women again but its really hard. When I put polish on its a start even tho its for moment. I like pretty things too. My daughter is a girly girl and she always tells me its ok to be a mom but its also to feel girl. I guess I am deep inside.

  50. Tumblr: and I reblogged
    followed on instagram: toinfinitytothestars

    I have all sorts of different colors of nailpolish. I really love my 1 Zoya nail polish that I have, it's one of my favorites. My other favorite is OPI's Tickle My Francy. 1 normally paint my nails at least once a week.

  51. I use this account to post pictures of the nail art I do for fun. Because I'm a college student and not planning on going pro, I like making designs that are simple and easy. Although my collection is becoming fairly large, I'm not satisfied with my color pallet. I paint my nails about every 2 weeks and I'm always really eager to try out new colors! My favorite bottle was actually a gift from a friend. It's "Let me go" by Sinful Colors. The color beautifully shifts between blue, green, purple, and even pink in the right lights.

  52. hey i follow the drugstore princess blog on tumblr, my tumblr is

    my nail polish collection is pretty small but my fav colors hands down are silver and grey like nyc's sidewalkers, and i love doing a french tip but with black tips too!

  53. My nail color collection is like about 25 different colors. I have two that are my favorite fairy teal and shrimply devine I paint my nail about 3 times a week I love to do designs I use the nail art paint..

  54. my tumblr url is

    i have about 40 different polish colors right now, which i used to paint my nails every sunday (gotta look good for the new week!). i think my absolute favorite is OPI's mermaid's tears but i get the most compliments on china glaze's "sugar high"

    i also followed on instagram, my username is "blorft"

  55. My Tumblr url is

    I have about 20 colours, and used to favour jewel tones, but since I've started work in a more "professional" environment, I've stuck with more subtle shades, especially opaque ones. My current favourite is Revlon's Whimsical, closely followed by OPI Number One Nemesis. I change my nail polish about once a week and have never tried Zoya before, so yay for this giveaway!

  56. My tumblr URL is

    I have a completely unnecessary amount of nail polish but I keep finding colors I need! I have a full toolbox of nail polish, and a full mini tool box of nail art supplies. I paint my nails at least once a week, sometimes twice. I absolutely love it. I don't have a current favorite nail polish, but I absolutely love fall shades right now. I'm a big fan of I've Got A Herring Problem by OPI at the moment. That will probably change soon though!

  57. Gimmie gimmie. I love zoya nail polishes! I already have a color similar to the blue.... But that red.. /swoon

    Tumblr is
    darquewillowelventhing.tumblr. com.


    I finally got my nail polish collection organized and it takes up three completely filled swivel stores(that infomercial shelf organizer thing for spices and craft supplies, you know? it's perfect for polish too) which translates to 80+ colors and six or so base coats and top coats. I have a massive rainbow of colors but as any beauty addict will tell you, there's always another shade of red/green/yellow/etc. I just started adding in stencils and gems too so that'll get interesting. My favorite manicure is probably youtuber cutepolish's Starry Night but my favorite polish color is either China Glaze's First Mate or Maybeline's Twilight Rays.

    I have around 40+ nail polish colors and a variety of each color. I do my nails every week and a half and I love doing nail art! I find it strange if my nails are just one color with no decoration on it!

  60. (also liked DSP on facebook. my name is Little Spoon!)

    i've never actually counted, but my guess would be that i have around 60 polishes... they all fit in a fairly small plastic box. my most used polishes and all-time favorites are essie's mochacino and peach daiquiri! though my current favorite is wet n wild's fast dry in teal of fortune, and aside from those, i'm definitely a deep/fall colors/vampy polish kind of girl. also, i just bought my very first nail art supplies... dotting tools :x

  61. gfc" alyssa bubble tea

    i have small too medium nail polish collection and my fav polish is "make mine mango" by revlon. i paint my nails ounce a week or more

    email: alyssabubbleteax3@gmail(dot)com


    I have a collection of 20-30 pots of polish, but a lot of them are nearly empty! My boyfriend happens to love nail polish too (<3!) so some of them are technically his. :] Right now I have a creme finish gray and black combo mani, real lazy one. The black has micro-sparkles of orange, from the new Halloween polishes, hehe. I paint my nails at least once a week, depending on the level of chip-age from dish washing at work and Chemistry labs at College. (I'm a Biochem major. :P) Normally something a little more exciting, but with work and school there can be little time!


  63. At around 30 nail polishes, most of which are of my favorite brand: Zoya, I'd say my nail polish addiction is on the verge of becoming "a problem" but it's a problem I'm just going to have to accept. I like changing up my polish after a week, giving my nails (or myself) a couple days of rest in between. I do like to mix it up with my colors, however I've had to tell myself to stop with the blue/green/blueish green polishes because I seem to have a lot of those.


    I have about 40 nail polish colors ranging from plain, bright red to sparkling purple from China Glaze. I paint my nails twice a week sometimes and once a week all the time. The best color is an orangish gold from China Glaze from the Hunger Games line.


    I have maybe 20 polish colors. I frequently switch between black and NYC's Manhattan. It's probably my favorite.


    I don't really have a nail polish collection, but I usually I wear blues, reds, or pastel colors.

  67. My nail polish collect is somewhat small, having mainly black, white, aquamarine, hot pink, cherry red and a range of purples. My favorite would probably be my aquamarine- it has shine to it but no sparkle- or my red- it just has a classic look to it. I definitely will be needing to add some fall colors soon though.
    I paint my nails once a week, generally keeping that color for the duration of the week. I do go though weeks where I'll paint my nails differently every few days though!

    [][Instagram: KittiesGoRuff][Facebook: Jenna R.]

  68. Hello!

    I have a 5 nail polish collection, my most favorite color is Got A Date To-Knight.

    I paint my nails once a week and every 3 months I go 30 days without nail polish to let my nails breath.


    I can't even begin to explain how many nail polishes I have, but I have a ton. My favourite line is Sinful Nail Colors because there are soooo many colors and really cheep. I have Practically every colour of the random plus, I don't think there is a colour I don't have. I paint my nails probably every 2-3 days, because I just enjoy it too much haha.

  70. <3 Instagram - nani0bsessed (o is ZERO for Insta)

    My nail polish collection has expanded very recently. I like to think I have a good combination of colors, shimmers and glitters. I have few neons and next to no neutrals. =(

    My "popular" color in my nail case would have to be grey. I have light, dark, shimmer, and silver (technically grey??).

    I prefer to paint my nails once a week, sometimes I do designs so I like to have them last for more than a few days.

    Followed on Facebook and Instagram, plus tagged on my most recent nail picture via comment. Thanks for the consideration!

  71. My Tumblr URL is
    My nail polish collection is always growing (especially lately), but I probably have about 30-40 polishes. It's a mix of brands and colors. The color I seem to have the most of is sheer light pinks, though I don't wear them as much as I used to. Lately I'm really loving darker, more daring colors. I paint my nails about 2 to 3 times a week. I can't stand my nails not looking freshly done, so I never go long between changing my manicure.

  72. My nail polish collection has recently gotten quite small, as I got rid of the ones that are old and chunky and just don't work! I'm looking to bulk it up with classics, and the gorgeous colours available in this give-away are perfect.

    As for my most-used colour? Hot pink for the toe nails is my go-to for spring and summer. Now that fall is coming, I'm using lots of burgandies and burnt oranges. I usually paint my nails every other week :)

    Thank you so much for the opportunity!


    I have about a handful of bottles at the moment. I left some with my little sister when I decided to move away after graduation. I guess I am really attracted to greens but I have red heart tips on my nails right now. Besides that I have a blue and a glittery black.


    I have about 200 nail polishes... kind of scary. I definitely lean most towards blues and greens. I paint my nails probably once every 3-5 days, depending on how much I like the polish I'm wearing and if it still looks nice.

    my nail polish collection isn't thjat great i've only just recently become obsessed with nail polish and i seem to gravitate towards greens and greys.


    My collection is very small, I only have six. At this moment I really don't put nail polish since my daughter keeps me busy (she's nine months) but, I would like to start expanding my collection. I have two black nail polishes, so that's my most popular one at the moment. I hope I win and thank you for this giveaway:)

    I also reblogged the post on tumblr and I already liked your FB page:)


    I have about 50 polishes. My most popular colors are blue and grey. I paint my nails about every 5-14 days depending on how I feel.

    Reblogged + Facebook liked already!


    I have about 100 nail polishes; it's a problem. My favorite colors on my fingernails are usually darker, and in the blue/purple family. My favorites on my toes are normally orange/pink, or something bright. I paint my nails every week or so, because I can't stand to have the same polish for too long.

    I reblogged this twice, and liked it on facebook :)


    I have about 40 nail polishes. My nails are almost always painted and I paint them about every 5 to 6 days. My favorites usually change week to week but right now I am loving the Sally Hansen Lustre shine Plume color, which is this gorgeous gold color. My other favorite is an opaque very pale pink color.


    I would say I do not have a wide range of nail polishes. I stick to mostly neutral colors for the hotter weather, and dark (almost black) for the winter. I just prefer those colors more over the bright neon colors that I cannot ever seem to pull off! My favorite neutral is Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure in Shell We Dance. I have not yet found a dark nail polish that I completely love. I like Revlon Enamel in Vixen, but two coats take forever to dry! Now that school has started, I am more occupied with studying. So I let my nails chip and paint them about every 2 weeks! I have been obsessed with your blog ever since I found it and I have liked your facebook page :D