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Friday, June 1, 2012

Eyeshadow De-Coded: What shades are best for your eye color!

Your eyes are the most important features of your face... they tell the most about you.  Your eyes tell your mood, your personality, and your life story! Studies show that mates are more attracted to their partner's eyes than any other physical area.  So why wouldn't you want to accentuate those peepers?!
Wearing the wrong eyeshadow color can actually detract from your eyes' natural shade!  How?  It's basic knowledge of the color wheel.
In general, opposite colors are complimentary.  Usually if you wear an eyeshadow color that is next to your eye color, right or left, it will "clash" with your eyes and detract from their natural shade.  This is true for the most part; if you have green eyes, blue eyeshadow won't make them sparkle.
However when considering complimentary colors, the color wheel is not always correct - there are some shades that work for any eye color!  These are:
+  Neutrals
    - Brown
    - Gold
    - Black
    - Charcoal
    - Taupe
    - Silver
    - Cream
    - White  (etc)
+  Purples
    - Plum
    - Lilac
    - Violet
When playing with metallics, you have to consider the undertone - is it cool or warm?  For instance, cool would be silver, and warm would be gold.
The right undertones can flatter both your eyes and your skin.  Cool skintones look great with cool-toned eyeshadow, and vice versa.  If your eyes have more of a golden tone than grey, you might want to go for gold eyeshadow.
So here we go, what is best for YOUR eye color?
Unfortunately, those of us with baby blues are rather limited when it comes to colors.  Stick with neutrals, cool or warm, and plum/lilac shades.  For a real pop of color, go for a bright yellow or light orange!
Neutrals are generally the way to go, although you can also pull off light pinks and purples as well.
You lucky boob, you're the one that can get away with anything.  Since your eyes are already "neutral", you can play with any shade on the color wheel and still have it be complimentary.  If you have lighter hair, go with more muted shades - the darker your hair is, the brighter you can go.
This unique shade is really just a variation of blue, green, or brown.  If you've got hazel eyes, you'll know that they tend to change shades depending on the day, or the lighting.  Usually they'll lean towards green, yellow, or blue - in which case you should accentuate that color with a matching shadow.  Slightly green eyes will pop more with green paired with a neutral, like brown.  If you want to play it safe, stick to those universally flattering shades!
It's always fun to play with colors, so don't let fear of a bright shade keep you from trying it out!!  You'll never know what works for YOU, so experiment and have fun.  Makeup is a never-ending artform, and there are really no rules.  

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