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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Let's Talk About Eyebrows!

It's easy to go horribly wrong, but so worth it if it's done correctly!  Let us discuss the art that are eyebrows.
Firstly - Whether you fill your brows or not, please make sure that they are shapely and neat!
The eyebrows are actually the foundation of your face... they give you expression and depth. Most people have no idea how important eyebrows are - see THIS POST. Having a clean, trimmed set of brows is immediately going to make your face look much lighter and any makeup you wear much more professional.
Eyebrows don't have to be stick thin - thick, bold brows are actually a huge trend.  But finding a happy balance is key.  Every person's brows have a particular shape, and it's not wise to try and change that shape, for it will look unnatural.
There are simple rules for brow shaping.… basics, but they’re the best guidelines.  
+  Use a pencil, makeup brush, something long and thin, and hold it vertically against your nose.  This is where your brows should begin.
+  Not moving the pencil from your nose, rotate it so it crosses your pupil… this is where the arch should be (where the pencil crosses your brow, not directly above your pupil.)
+  Continue rotating the pencil until it lines up with the outer corner of your eye… where the pencil points to should be the ending of your brow.  If you have issues with the ends of your brows, you might want to play first with outlining… use an eyebrow (or liner) pencil to sketch along the bottom of your brows to see where you want them to go.
+  If you want your brows to be very neat, trim them occasionally.  Brush the hairs up towards your forehead, and use brow or nail scissors to carefully snip the hair that extends farther than you'd like.  But you have to be incredibly careful, and go very little at a time... it's much too easy to get rid of too much.
An easy way to avoid mistakes and get the best brows is to visit a professional, at least once every six months (you can then maintain them yourself at home).  The methods of brow shaping are varied, but all work effeciently:
+  Waxing - the most popular method of hair removal anywhere, including the brows.  This is quick and easy (if a bit painful).  However there are benefits... over time, the hair will begin to grow in slower, thinner, and lighter with waxing.  Getting them waxed professionally can cost anywhere from $5 to $20, depending on where you live and where you go.
+  Threading -  this is a "newer" trend in eyebrow shaping, although the history of this goes back years and years.  This is a quick and almost painless way of precisely removing hair.  With twisted thread, hairs are caught and yanked out quickly without irritating the skin.  This can cost anywhere from $5 to $20 - but if you teach yourself (like I did) it's definitely worth it!  And your friends will love you.
+  Plucking - usually this is the home remedy for shaping brows.  Using tweezers, you yank hairs out by the root.  This is always ideal - tweezers are portable, and you can remove stray hairs on the go, or while you're in a rush, with no mess.
+  Shaving - I have to mention this, if only to say DON'T DO IT.  Never shave your eyebrows.  Not only is it scary, but shaving causes hair to come back in thicker, quicker, darker and straight - your brows will stick straight up into the air, instead of laying flat.
Does it hurt when you pluck at home?  Run a washcloth under hot water, wring it out, and apply it like a compress to your brows.  The steam will open up the pores and soften the skin, making hairs easier to remove!
Are your brows red and irritated afterwards?  Apply a toner with a cotton ball.  I prefer Witch Hazel - it is an anti-inflammatory, and is ideal for healing cuts, scrapes, razor burn, or irritated areas.
To Fill, or Not to Fill - That's a Good Question!
Makeup gurus seem to live by filling their brows.  But for many people, the thought has never occurred to them.  In most instances, you don't need to bother, but it can be nice for special occasions, especially if your brows are thin or patchy.
What do you mean, filling your brows?  When we say "fill", we basically mean "color them", trace them, or simply give them a little boost with makeup.  Filling can be done with pencil, powder, gel, or simply eyeshadow.  People who fill in their brows are attempting to make them look stronger and more even.
How do you do it?  There are many, many methods - too many to list them all!  Personally, I like my brows to look as natural as possible, so I just use a powder eyeshadow.
+  Always use a brow color that is 2 shades LIGHTER than your hair color.  If you are blonde, use a very pale, light brown.  If you are a redhead, go the same route. If your hair is black, DO NOT use black to fill in your brows!  Instead try a dark grey, if it's dyed, or a dark brown.
+  Brows are naturally lighter on the ends - keep most of the color in the middle of your eyebrows, and gently fade as you go outwards.
+  Use a brush!  Even if you like to use pencils to fill in your brows, use a nice brush to blend and fade the color to make it look natural.  Angled eyeliner brushes are perfect for this - they are very precise.  Your brush strokes should imitate the hairs in your brows, instead of just sweeping straight across.
+  Use concealer to make your brows really stand out!  If you have killer eyebrows, or if you'd just like to make them look as neat as possible, use a concealer a shade or two lighter than your skin tone, and with a small concealer brush, line the under part of your brow, blending down on your brow bone.
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