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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Easy Prom or Wedding Makeup - For Any Skintone, and Any Dress!

If you’re not the kind of person who usually wears makeup, or not someone who likes the idea of bright colors, tons of drama, or looks that will require a lot of maintenance, read on!
All You’ll Need:
+  Your regular foundation (a longwear foundation is best)
+  A very light bronzer or natural pink blush
+  A natural pink lipcolor (lipstick or gloss)
 Black liquid eyeliner - if you’re more comfortable with pencil, try a gel eyeliner instead
+  Black WATERPROOF mascara (waterproof is a must for prom!)
+  A light, shimmery eyeshadow - cream, champagne, etc
+  (Optional, but preferred) a light brown eyeshadow, about three shades darker than your skintone.  If you have dark skin, a medium charcoal color will work.
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1.  Apply a thin layer of foundation all over your face, blending slightly down your neck, to even out your skintone.  Make sure that your foundation matches your skintone, because it’s very obvious when makeup is the wrong color in photographs!
2.  Use concealer, or just a bit of the foundation, to hide spots or dark circles under the eyes.  Use just a small drop on your finger, and pat it onto the area you’re trying to hide until the makeup blends away.  PAT - don’t rub or swipe.  Set with powder if your skin is oily.  A setting spray, to set face makeup, is ideal!
3.  Use the bronzer or blush, whichever you prefer, lightly on the apples of your cheeks (that’s the MIDDLE of your cheeks, not the pudgy part near your nose!).  Blend this out well - you only want a subtle hint of color.  If you’re using bronzer, it might be a good idea to dust it on your face wherever the sun would naturally kiss your skin… your temples, nose, chin, etc.  
4.  Now for the eyes… use the shimmery light shade all across your lid, and on the inner corner (tear duct) of your eyes.  Use the brown eyeshadow and blend this into your crease, just to add a bit of depth.  Soften it quite a bit so that it’s very subtle.
5.  Line your upper lashline only, from the inner corner all the way across, winging out very slightly at the end.  This will accentuate your eyelashes and make them look longer, as well as adding a bit more drama to your eyes.
6.  Use mascara on your upper and lower lashes.  Wiggle the mascara at the base of your lashes first, to separate and add volume.  Then sweep upwards through the lengths of your lashes.  Make sure you get the smaller lashes on the corners of your eyes!  Since they rarely get coated, they’ll add a lot of drama without much effort.
7.  With your finger, apply a small amount of the light shimmery eyeshadow to your cheekbones as a highlight!  Blend it in well. This will make your skin look natural and glowing.
8.  Apply your lip color!

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Good luck, and have fun!