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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Revlon Just Bitten - How does it compare to other drugstore lip stains?

I'm in the market for some lip stains.  Do you recommend Revlon's?

Out of all the drugstore lipstains, the Revlon ones are my favorite!  (Big surprise, I love everything Revlon lip!)

First of all I think it's great that they're double sided - one side is the color, and the other end is a very glossy lip balm that adds moisture and shine.  This is really important to me, because all other lipstains that I've tried have dried out my lips horribly... even when I used a lip balm with them.  The Revlon Just Bitten stains are much more hydrating, even when you don't use the gloss balm side.
I love the color selection.. they're very vibrant and show up well on your lips!  They don't last all day, but they last for quite a few hours, and they will actually wash off your lips (which is a good thing... with the Covergirl ones they stain your lips in horrible patches and won't wash off!)  If you're going for a long time, you might want to reapply.   They also have a decent taste/fragrance... it's not waxy like some lipcolors can be, which I hate.  They're about $7.
The one I use the most often is a bright coral-red called Gothic!

I do really like the NYC (New York Cosmetics) 16-hour lipstains as well.  The colors are vibrant and pretty as well, and although they don't last 16 hours, they last a bit longer than the Revlon ones.  However they're slightly drying and fade very patchy.

Covergirl Outlast lip stains last the longest out of all the stains I've tried... but it's not worth it.  They parch my lips and ruin them for days - even with lip balm, or gloss, or drinking tons of water.  They fade very patchy and make your lips look funny the next day, as it won't wash off.

Maybelline ColorSensational lip stains are a lot darker than they appear in the package, and they seem to fade the fastest - however they're not too bad when it comes to drying out your lips or looking patchy.

The biggest problem people seem to have with lip stains is that the tip of the pen (which is felt, like a marker) tends to dry out on them.  This is easily prevented and fixed... store them upside down in a jar so the stain flows to the tip; if the ends are dried out, simply moisten them with water and rub on the back of your hand until the color is smooth.

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