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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Makeup Removal - Popular Methods and DSP's Poll Results

There are lots of methods we all use to get our makeup off our face at the end of the day - not all of them are ideal, but we do what we can.  Here are the different methods, by popularity (out of 76 votes! most popular first)

Makeup Remover Towelettes/Wipes - 16/76  -  Neutrogena was the most popular brand!

Washing face with a regular cleanser/scrub - 13/76  -  Lots of you just rinse your face with warm water, or give your daily cleanser double duty.

Makeup Remover on a Cotton Ball - 12/76 - Neutrogena was the most popular brand again!

Towelettes followed by a good wash - 8/76  -  Good for you guys!  You were smart enough to rinse away the oily, lotion-y residue left behind by remover wipes.

Olive or Baby Oil on a cotton ball, then rinse -  8/76   - This is the way DSP removes makeup!  It's all natural (well, olive oil) and actually nourishes your lashes to encourage growth.  Melts away even waterproof mascara!

Cold Cream or Lotion - 7/76  -  Pond's Cold Cream is one of the most classic ways to remove makeup, and it hydrates your skin as well.  But using a regular moisturizer to remove eye makeup isn't good!  There are lots of chemicals in most that will irritate your eyes.

Makeup Remover then wash your face - 4/76   -   Also a good idea, you don't want to leave oily remover on your face overnight!  That's recipe for pimples.

Vaseline, then wash your face - 4/76  -  This is the first way I learned to remove makeup.  It makes your makeup melt right off, and conditions your lashes and moisturizes your skin.

Baby Wipes  -  4/76  -  I'll admit I've used them, because they're very inexpensive and work very well to get rid of makeup.  But make sure you wash your face afterwards!  Baby wipes contain oil and even more lotions that will break you out.

But most importantly, PLEASE REMEMBER TO WASH OFF YOUR MAKEUP BEFORE YOU GO TO SLEEP.  If you go the whole night in your makeup you're suffocating your skin and allowing nasty dirty and chemicals to seep into your pores.  Not good - don't be lazy!  It only takes a minute to wash your face, and the benefits outweigh your tiredness.

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