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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

6 Inexpensive Hair Products that Save My Hair

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#1.     Aussie Catch the Wave Mousse + Leave-in Conditioner
This is a must for me on days when I don’t want to straighten my hair.  I have natural waves, but even my goldilocks go haywire without proper maintenance.  This lightweight, soft-to-the-touch, strong holding mousse does just that.  It keeps my waves frizz-free and sculpted all day, while conditioning them to make them softer and stronger!!  I swear that Australian angels sent this to me.
#2.   L’Oreal Everstrong Leave-in Overnight Repair Treatment
If your hair has ever felt lifeless or dry, flat or frizzy, dull or damaged, this is your cure-all.  I adore it!!  I run this weightless formula through my strands and tie it up in a knot, sleep through it, and then rinse out in the morning, and VOILA!  Virginal hair.  It’s stronger, softer, and shinier after just one use.  Plus, the unique formula doesn’t leave sticky residue on your pillow! 
#3.   Got2B Guardian Angel Heat Protectants
These sprays, however bedazzled and Ed Hardy-ish the bottles are, are definite go-to’s of mine when it comes to heat styling.  They are lightweight and smell lovely, while protecting your strands (for blowout, curling, or straightening) from heat up to 425 degrees!  Not only do they save your hair from sizzling, but they help hold your style as well. 
#4.   Chi Silk Infusion Serum
Four years ago when I received my Chi flat iron for Christmas, I nearly died of happiness.  A tiny bottle of this liquid gold came as a bonus, and I think I might love this more than I love the Chi itself!  This sophisticated smelling weightless serum softens, de-frizzes and amplifies shine in your hair like no other product out there.  I can’t even explain to you how silky this makes my hair.  I apply it mid-straightening, and this product leaves my hair smooth and shiny like spider thread.  Obsession.
#5.  John Frieda Root Awakening Leave-In Strengthening Spray
There is nothing not to love about this miracle spray… it smells like a York Peppermint Patty, is weightless and easy to use, plus it strengthens your hair while adding crazy shine.  You can use it on wet or dry hair, before or after styling, and it will smooth your frizzies and boost your roots, giving you volume and health like never before. 
#6.  Fish Oil Daily Supplement
Just like you, I used to hide my vitamins under my ceral bowl as a child.  But now I wish I hadn’t!!  Fish Oil is my secret weapon against dull, dry skin and hair.  Taking one capsule (tasteless and easy to swallow) each morning gives me stronger, sleeker, healthier hair - naturally.  You can also break open a capsule and run the oil through your hair for a scent free, natural shine serum!  The benefits of this little bottle outweigh the cost by a thousand, and you should start taking them IMMEDIATELY.