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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Makeup and Skincare for Prom, Graduation, Weddings, Parties, and Concerts!

Tips for girls who're going to prom, a wedding, a party, or another long, glamorous event!
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KEY POINTS TO REMEMBER:  You’re going to be hot, you’re going to be active, you’re going to be taking pictures, and it’s going to be a longg day!

How to Prep Your Skin:
  • Exfoliate well before putting on your makeup!  This is going to get rid of dead skin and oil that will wreak havoc on your look later in the day.
  • Moisturize!  Find a good one that has SPF and vitamins, especially if you’re going out in the sun!  If you have nice skin, wear tinted moisturizer as foundation, and concealer where you need it!  The lighter the makeup, the better.
  • Prime!  If you’re going to be wearing foundation, use a light face primer like Hard Candy Ultralight Primer;  If not, use some primer on your eyelids to prep for your eye makeup.
Makeup Basics:
  • Although it is going to be a fancy occasion, you don’t want to make yourself look like a completely different person, and you DEFINITELY don’t want to have your make-up caked on.  Accentuate your natural beauty, and add a little flair to one feature so you stand out.
  • Use a long-lasting foundation, like Revlon Colorstay, or get a makeup setting spray (Urban Decay has a new one that’s really worth the cost).  If you have nice skin, or if you have minimal breakouts that day, don’t use a really heavy foundation, because you don’t need it!  The lighter the better, because you don’t want your face to melt throughout the night.  Set with a translucent powder, like Sonia Kashuk or Revlon PhotoReady powder foundation, to reduce shine.
  • Tonight is the night to break out the bronzer… if you’ve been tanning or even if you haven’t.   Find a light bronzer that is NOT orange, and dust it lightly where the sun would naturally kiss your face.  This is a great trick so that you don’t look washed-out in photos, and it gives you a bit of natural glow.  Cheeks, browbone, the bridge of your nose, your chin, your collarbone, and your cleavage (if you have any) are ideal places for a bit of bronzer.
  • PICK A FEATURE: eyes or lips, to make your focus. 
  • For the eyes to stand out, pick a dark neutral - brown being the ideal choice.  Black is very severe, but if you have the confidence to pull if off, go ahead.  However, stay away from shimmery silvers - they don’t translate well on most skin or in pictures.  If you have a colored dress, you can add that color as an accent to your eyecolor, but don’t make your whole eye bright green or pink.  My favorite trick to add a little color to a glam look: find a colored eyeliner!  With your neutral shadows, highlight your entire lid, browbone and inner corner; use a medium shadow in a “C” shape from your crease, around the outside corner and onto the upper lashline; and use the darkest shade to smudge on the outer corner for definition and drama.  BLEND!  Then use a black liquid liner on your upper lashline, and top that with your colored liner, winging them both out slightly.  Mascara tops it off, and you can add liner to your waterline as you wish.  A full on smokey eye is going to be a bit much, especially if you’re not a master with makeup.  That much shadow on your eye is going to smudge and smear throughout the night, ending up looking like a goopy, runny mess.  Less is more, but keep the drama!
  • If you’re focusing on your lips, find a color that really compliments your skin; fair or deep skinned girls go for blue undertones, and beige or warm skinned girls go for yellow undertones.  Find a good lipstick instead of a gloss; gloss will wear off quickly throughout the night, and the color is not as vibrant.  To complete the looks, use nude shadow on your eyes, and line your eye with black liner, winging out for a bit of drama.
  • If your dress is red, either find an exact matching lipcolor, or go for nude, bronze, or peach lips.  Do a glamorous eye, either using nudes or golds with hints of dark contrast.
For tips on your hair, clothing, and other aspects of your special day, check out the Prom page on, or ask a specific question about your look!  Every question will be answered to the fullest detail, no matter what :)


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  3. Very helpful! I especially like how you emphasize the idea of having a dramatic look without going overboard. It's always been my thought that makeup should be used to enhance and not completely alter.

    You're blog is amazing! Keep it up xx